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Today more and more people see the necessity to obtain an advanced qualification which paves the way to endless possibilities and a brighter future.  Shree Devi College of Fashion Design offers such a course that is provided in a supportive environment with dedicated professionals to help you achieve high academic standards and develop the skills to make the most of your career. The college has continued to develop its systems, processes, curriculum, activities, amenities and all other infrastructural requirements so as to fully integrate all these elements to specifically maximize the benefits for our students.

I believe that the Principal’s role includes being available and willing to listen to the views of all concerned. With a student-friendly mode of teaching, we continually remind ourselves of our commitment to our students. We are here to help students to focus on the important elements of a graduate course of study.

Please take this opportunity to dedicate yourself to the exciting course.

I once again welcome you to the Shree Devi Family.


Kasturi J. Shetty


Shreedevi College of Fashion Design

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